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Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], June 5 (ANI): Satish Vimal, a multilingual writer, poet, and broadcaster from Buchoo village in Tral, of Pulwama district is not onpy associated with All India Radio Srinagar, but also wholeheartedly committed to promoting literary programmes as well as cultural and historical shows.

His profound affection for his homeland and his mother tongue resonates deeply with listeners who have been captivated by his insightful programmes on Kashmiri culture and history.

Through his unwavering passion for poetry and literature, Vimal has emerged as an influential figure in the region, garnering numerous accolades and recognition for his tireless efforts in preserving Kashmir's rich heritage.

Vimal's journey as a poet began during his school days when he composed poems and actively participated in his village's mohalla theatre and cultural activities. Despite his initial shyness, he found solace in writing scripts for skits and songs.

His teacher, Mohammad Shahban Mir, played a pivotal role in his life as a guide, companion, and mentor, instilling in Vimal a deep appreciation for the written word. After completing his higher education, he embarked on a career at Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar.

However, his true calling awaited him at All India Radio (formerly Radio Kashmir), where his resonant voice and profound insights on Sufi thought, Kashmiri heritage, and history garnered widespread admiration.

Vimal's thirst for knowledge led him to pursue higher education in English literature. Exploring the works of renowned English poets expanded his horizons and deepened his understanding of world literature. Inspired by his newfound knowledge, he began writing books in Kashmiri, Hindi, English, and Urdu, showcasing his versatility as a writer.

Further, his ability to read Arabic, Sanskrit, Punjabi, and Persian further broadened his understanding of global literary traditions. Despite his demanding job at All India Radio, Vimal's passion for literature remained undeterred, even as he found himself increasingly drawn to subjects such as Physics, Astronomy, and religion.

Vimal firmly believes that Kashmir is the land of spirituality, with its essence permeating every aspect of life. He attributes his inspiration to the poetry of revered figures like Nund Reshi, Lala Ded, and other mystics, whose verses from the soul and Sufi music have captivated generations of Kashmiris.

This spiritual foundation, deeply ingrained in the UT, has shaped Vimal's literary endeavours and cemented his love for the treasures of Kashmir's traditions. Through his numerous books of poetry, including "Vinash Ka Vijeta," "Thoonth Kii Chhaya," "Siyah Var," and others, he passionately expresses his affection for Kashmir and its cultural tapestry.

He is the only modern Indian writer whose poetry has been translated into Persian, which was recently released by the Iran Embassy in New Delhi.

Vimal's commitment to preserving Kashmir's cultural heritage is evident in his extensive translations and literary explorations.

From translating contemporary world poetry into Kashmiri and the works of renowned poets like Antonio Porchia and Laari Azaad to preserving the sayings of revered figures like Sheikh Ul Alam (RA) and Lala Ded, he tirelessly works to ensure the authenticity and integrity of Kashmiri literature.

Vimal's upcoming book, which delves into Kashmir's contributions to Literary Aesthetics during the Sanskrit era, showcases his dedication to unearthing and documenting the region's rich literary history.

He believes that the youth of Kashmir possesses immense talent and potential in the fields of poetry and literature. He urges them to channel their energy and embrace the opportunities available to them, both within Kashmir and beyond.

Vimal draws inspiration from young writers who defy the challenges of the present and create works that will endure in the future. As he continues to receive recognition and awards for his contributions, he remains steadfast in his love for Kashmir.

His extraordinary journey from a remote village to becoming a celebrated multilingual writer, poet, and broadcaster with national-level fame exemplifies the power of dedication and love for one's cultural heritage. Through his programs, translations, and literary works, he has become an indispensable figure in contemporary Kashmir's rich legacy.

With his passion for literature and commitment to exploring uncharted territories, Vimal continues to inspire the youth and nurture their talents, ensuring that Kashmir's cultural heritage remains alive for generations to come. (ANI)

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